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Flexibility,Convenience,Security & Expert Advice

Technology, Changing Work Habits and Workforce Profile is changing the way people work today. In pursuit of higher Productivity, fixed spaces are giving way to Flexible, On Demand workspaces.

OfficingNow is an Innovative & Pioneering Venture, first of its kind in India, which has a focus on leveraging Technology to deliver the Benefits of the Flexible Working Revolution sweeping the country to the Seekers & Providers of Flexible Workspaces of all kinds and associated communities.

We are driven with a desire to keep the Work Professional at the center of all our actions and initiatives and design all our processes and user interfaces that take away all aspects of workspace management. Our Mission is to let the Professional focus on the task in hand to improve his productivity. In short to Help him Work Smart & Move ON…. to greater heights.

By Using OfficingNow for your Officing Needs,

you get the benefits of :


FFlexibility : For Space User: Of locations, usage (Hourly, Daily,Monthly and longer), Amenities and configurations; For space provider: Of type of clients, days and hours for sharing of space, different types of usages


For Space User - Verified Venues & Secured payment transactions; For Space Provider: Information about client, Initial payment collection


For space User: Super quick & Easy Search, Evaluate,Book & Transact all on a single platform Save Time & Money by getting all information in a single place. For Space Provider: Single platform for managing marketing, client life cycle management and operational guidance.

Expert Advice

For space User: Advanced Analytics tools coupled with Insights of Domain experts to help users increase productive time at work;For Space provider: In depth analysis & insights into pricing, design trends and operations to increase profitability & occupancy.

Why Officing Now

Why OfficingNow

Start Your Officing Experience Right Here Right Now

OfficingNow constitutes of the widest choice of numbers and types of workspaces. Our ever increasing number of inventories across all major Cities & commercial Centers in the country, cater to changing needs like Self working, Team Working, Conferences, Board Meetings, Trainings, Business Events, Project works, Workshops etc of the Diverse workforce.

So be it the Startups / Professionals / Entrepreneurs / Corporates/ SMES / Home workers / Travelling Business Executives / NGOs, we have inventories & services to meet your requirements. Along with a team having core competence in workspace management and putting technology to its optimum use, we are continuously innovating and improving upon processes and help create value for both space owners, space seekers and related communities .

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