With technology taking Centerstage in all facets of our lives whether personal or professional, it makes easier to get things done online. Business travellers tend to exploit the most of technology and use it for optimizing their productivity. The tight schedule of business travellers and back to back reservations wherein they have to move straight to the meeting after hours of journey, time optimization, cost-effectiveness, excellent connectivity and personalisation have thus become the heart of their priorities. Such business travellers prefer to travel light; they need an option to check and confirm the availability of workspaces while choosing a meeting/conference location.

  So what are the features that any workspace must have to enable the Business Traveller to get the best out of his Schedule?

1. Availability on the Go- Need the right space in the place where you are as early as tomorrow morning? Search, Evaluate and Book from the comfort of your office or your Car as you travel.

2. Plug n Play – Ready with all the amenities as you walk in – as if it is your very own office back in your Home town.

3. Wide spread of Services, Features & Amenities – Smart as you are:

a. Reliable Internet Connectivity b. Audio-video equipments to connect with your modern Smart Devices c. Training Facilities for conducting trainings d. Hassle-free Parking e. Catering – Meals & refreshments – Self Service or ordered. f. Professional secretarial support, easy documentation and much more…

4. Flexible & practical payments – Pay as you use – secure & hassle free. Well Equipped IT infrastructure with the option to scale up or down at a dynamic level is something that business travellers mostly look to utilize during their meetings or business transactions.

But do such Workspaces exist? Do we know where and how to get them?

The Good news – Yes they do exist. You have world class Business Centers like Quest Offices, Regus, AccessWork etc on one end and then you have economical yet functional serviced workspaces in Corporate offices and other commercial buildings, Ready to Use yet un-utilised spaces lying with them.

The Not so Good news – There are very limited ways of knowing about such spaces and even lesser ways of making them usable.Best News – With sharing economy growing and becoming a way of life – Uber, Ola, Airbnb, Liquidspace and the list is growing, this trend now covers commercial workspaces also.Introducing OfficingNow: OfficingNow brings to India a platform that allows space providers to list their workspaces and make them available for sharing & use by Business Travelers, Corporate Executives, Start-Up Entrepreneurs or Geeky Millennials and Professionals on the go. Extra effort is taken to verify the venues that allows for WYSWYG (What you see is what you get). Already being there in 23 cities across over 135 locations and rapidly growing, we endeavour to make it easier for the Professional like never before.Searching for a workspace is beginning to get easier and hassle free.Watch this space –plenty of action going to happen and soon the Business Traveller will be spoilt for choice. 

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