“No, it isn’t a coffee date. It is a business meeting!”

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I remember meeting clients in coffee shops to discuss work and business. Freelancers, brokers, home workers and business travelers marked it as their go-to place for any professional meeting. In fact, even entrepreneurs who had an office space, for some reason, preferred to meet a prospective client or an investor in a coffee shop.

But with the advent of “flexible working”, this tendency is witnessing a change. And professional shared workspaces are proving to be preferred alternates. These workspaces are not only technologically well equipped, but also professionally well managed and safe. Plus, they come with instant booking service to grant you instant offices – whenever, wherever and for as long as you need. Why pay for or manage a workspace before and after you really need it?

 Meeting / Conference Rooms

But if you are not convinced yet, let’s look at how meeting in a business center will score over meeting in a coffee shop:

Professional Meeting / Conference Room Advantages

  1. Professionalism – a serviced workspace is a well managed professional venue with all the facilities, and offers exactly the kind of workspace you will require. With concepts like co-working, pro-working and flexible working gaining ground, no wonder a large number of business centers and shared workspaces are mushrooming everywhere.A co-working workspace has an air of communal harmony. Different people from different backgrounds work here. The vibe of such a workspace puts you in a “ready-to-work” frame of mind. It encourages networking, interactions and perspective. Whereas the interaction at a coffee shop will revolve around, “Sir, your coffee.”Another very important point is the discipline that a business center will evoke. Even the most flexible workspaces offering flexible working will not have workers walk in wearing pajamas or evening casuals. The office-like atmosphere makes a serviced co-working workspace professional enough which helps the workers take their work and time spent seriously. This discipline helps achieve a work-life balance.
  2. Noise and distractions – a business center will definitely be devoid of any noise or distractions. And you do need that quiet to focus on your business. People won’t be walking in and out of the door or cozying up in a corner to pull your mind out of your purpose. A business center is particularly a preferred choice for a business traveler working on a tight schedule. With instant offices available for as less than an hour, you can save significantly on your precious time and money.
  3. Comfort level – a business lounge or a meeting room will be a better venue to discuss confidential business matters than in the open environment of a coffee shop. Also, comfort can act as a hindrance to productivity. After all, a business meeting should involve active and alert minds, not someone slouching on the sofa or grooving to the beats.
  4. High-end facilities – business centers are made to provide all professional facilities like sufficient power outlets, printers, photo-copiers, white boards, note pads, etc. They also provide secure, strong and reliable wi-fi connections.
  5. Security – the security at business centers will ensure that your gadgets are safe and also prevent any digital theft.
The business concept of a shared workspace is similar to that of Uber, Ola, Regus and AirBnB. This implies that it is not only the most convenient way to book individual or team offices, but also very economical. And if you are wondering where to look for one, OfficingNow is the answer!

Meeting / Conference Rooms

How Can OfficingNow Help You

OfficingNow provides state-of-the-art and professionally inspiring shared workspaces in many cities all over India. They offer instant booking facilities for a range of workspaces like team offices, training halls, conference/video conference rooms, call-center spaces, executive offices, business lounges, hot desks and corporate guest house.

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