In today’s world of ever changing opportunities, it is very difficult, and at the same time, extremely important to keep your workforce engaged. This will not only cut your cost of hiring, but also increase your profitability.

Employee engagement can be described as the extent to which the employees are committed to and passionate about their job and organisation. The more their commitment, the higher their productivity. It is simple math!


Statistical analysis lists two factors that determine employee engagement:

  1. Organization – the level of connectedness, trust and respect that employees have for their organization and senior management; and workspace design.
  2. Manager – the feeling of being valued, fair treatment and mutual respect that employees share with their immediate superiors.

Companies with strong employee engagement have identified a 22% rise in productivity.

Employee productivity, whether working individually or in teams, refers to how efficient they are. Research says that the workspace design has a significant impact on employee productivity. While there can be a number of reasons for lower productivity, a boring workspace shouldn’t fall in that list. An inspiring workspace ensures higher productivity. Its free and flexible nature ensures they give their best. A dull workspace, on the other hand, will mar the otherwise productive minds. So maybe you need to pep up your workspace!

It is important to note that an office makeover doesn’t necessarily mean repainting and redesigning. Your office design should be conducive to your organizational culture. What works for one company may not work for another. The management should consider various elements required to ensure individual and team productivity.

A lot of thinking goes into setting up a productivity-oriented and employee-engaging workspace. It is not just about having a single floor plan. The management should give its employees multiple modes of working like open space, cubicles, meeting rooms, conference rooms, co-working cafes, discussion lounges and presentation areas.


Look at some design-decisions taken by the biggies. It reflects their businesses and the values they stand for:

  •  Facebook plans to build a 1-mile long room to seat thousands of employees – increasing connectivity
  • Yahoo employees are allowed to work from their café areas – enable better decisions and insights
  • Samsung snapped its hierarchical structure by creating vast open spaces to allow engineers and sales people to meet – customer friendly designs


So if it’s a team project, there should be space enough for all team members to sit together and brainstorm, cubicles won't help and open spaces can be too distracting. But small meeting hubs equipped with white boards and flip charts will be great.


Apart from a thoughtful redesign, the management should ensure that the workspace look and feel is standard in all locations from where employees work.

Recent studies show that 40% employees work from out-station or remote locations owing to their work requirements. These remote offices should also look as smart, professionally equipped and modern as your headquarters, and definitely not resemble a cafeteria. Because if your employees are working out of coffee shops or other makeshift workspaces in other cities, it not only reflects adversely on the organizational image but also impacts employee engagement and productivity.


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