“Insanity is doing the same thing every time and expecting a different result”

Changing Outlook

In today’s changing times, apart from upgrading and changing the way we do things, it is critical to change the way we work. A few years ago, no one would’ve believed that they could book a railway ticket sitting in the comfort of their couch. Or order their favourite Chinese while driving home from work for it to arrive in time. Or buy those gorgeous pair of heels while lazying around one Sunday afternoon in their pyjamas. But it all obviously happened! Because somebody dared to do things differently. Somebody questioned the norms and brainstormed a better, more productive way out. This different way of doing things not only convenienced the consumer, but also upped the company profits. And so a new way of running an office also sprouted. Co-working or shared workspaces started trending over fixed workspaces. 

Office Spaces Then & Now

The word “office” traditionally meant all departments under one roof with cubicles sprayed all over, isolating the workers. It gave a very blinding, “everybody does their own thing” picture. The introduction of co-working workspaces changed the way people perceive an office. A change in style, location and ambience instilled enthusiasm in the employees.

Fixed Versus Shared Workspaces – How Co-working & Shared Workspaces are Changing the Way People Work

Coworking Spaces

Let’s look at how co-working workspaces are changing the way people work:
  1. Economical – Smart managements are encouraging their employees to use co-working and shared workspaces rather than spending resources on redesigning their offices. This costs way less, saves on time and improves employee productivity.
  2. Expansion – Businesses expand to new geographic locations without worrying about having to spend on setting up offices there. Also, co-working workspaces will ensure that the employees who have to travel and work remotely owing to their work requirements will have a modern and a professionally equipped workspace in their locations. This will not only enhance their productivity, but also reflect well on the company’s name.
  3. Community and teamworkCo-working workspaces have people from different companies sharing the workspace. This takes care of the isolation that the employees may otherwise feel in a fixed workspace. It also inculcates a feeling of “oneness” among the team members.
  4. Scalability – By enabling you to expand your company to new locations, co-working workspaces facilitate business growth thereby adding to your profits.
  5. Freelance-friendlyShared workspaces work great for freelancers as it provides a well-equipped and budgeted office set-up which will suit their professional requirement. Co-working workspaces offer a range of workstations to choose from like meeting lounges, conference rooms, training halls, etc.
An engaging workspace that provides flexible work hours, with freedom to work will ensure a rise in employee commitment and productivity. Such a workspace will have the ability to transform a “just-a-job” employee to a “team player”.Experts suggest that this evolution of co-working, i.e., from a desk and a chair, to a collaborative, to a curated community will continue for as long as the companies grapple with the changes in how, when and where we work. Like someone once said, “it’s not what you do, but how you do”. And “how” is deeply impacted by “when” and “where”. Working from an office conducive to you, at the time convenient to you will bring the best out of you to give the desired results.

CoWorking Spaces Bengaluru

How OfficingNow Can Help You

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