Modern trade and business processes are driven by innovative technologies where in maintaining strong association with partners, vendors, clients, investors, workforces and customers has become the soul essence for success. With advances in technology it has become even easier to stay connected through mobile devices and other systems for smooth communication. With such importance imparted to communication and connectivity, a physical presence or face to face conversation is indeed very important to create an impression and to make a mark. A visual presence (if not physical presence) during an important client meeting, while conducting reviews with remote team members or while sharing the vision of the company with the road ahead for all stakeholders, is an extremely important element and an indicator of effective and efficient communication.

The challenge however is quite simple. How to be present at all places and at all times simultaneously when you are separated by time and distance. The video conference facility has evolved keeping in mind to provide an answer to this challenge. It is a solution through which you can communicate effectively in person (virtual physical presence) at single or multiple locations at the same time and connect with your team, client, prospect, stake holders without actually having to travel halfway across the globe.

video conference

Let us understand how video conferencing is beneficial for business: Minimize travel cost and optimize time: Frequent travel across cities (even countries) for conducting business meetings is one of the major cost heads which not only results into escalated travel costs but which invariably consumes  lot of your precious time which is spent during travels and ultimately goes down the drain as time lost.  The Video Conferencing is the perfect solution for these which allow you to visually reach out & communicate to your target audience, prospects, clients, stake holders, etc and have important conversations without wasting your valuable time and money.

Global connectivity: The technology behind video conferencing enables multiple point connectivity across the globe wherein people across different countries (even continents) can not only connect over a voice call but also associate a face behind those faces by being able to see each other during the call itself. Video conferencing in true sense is taking technology to the next level by virtually bridging distance across countries. Human Interface: Email, social media, mobile devices, fax machines and others system helps in smooth communication but only through video conferencing you can communicate actually in person which always has a positive impact in business communication & enable us to make and maintain cordial relations irrespective of distance.

Effective & efficient Interview sessions: VC empowers us with the capability of conducting interview sessions worldwide which has emerged as a significant benefit. Corporates & Startups look up to VC’s for exceptional high definition quality providing the ability to gauge the interviewee’s personality and intellect. Digital data capture: Video conferencing allows you to record and document important moments or part of the session conducted, can very well record the full session end to end. It helps in eliminating misinterpretation, increase accuracy, and the recordings can be used again, saving time and providing consistency to the users. Competitive edge: Connecting with industry experts or specialist advisors through video conferencing gives huge competitive edge to the users in making important decisions.

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