As a passionate Startup Entrepreneur, is it maddening that the working capital crunch is imminent if you invest in a workspace at a prime locality of a metro?

As a freelancer/ home worker, do you cringe that your messy bedroom will pop-up behind you on Video call with a client?

And as a Traveling Executive, are you nervous that for your business deal you will end-up in an unprofessional setup of a hotel room with a Corporate client ?

What if you could book a dexterous desk, or a furnished workspace with good ambience anywhere in the country, from anywhere and anytime? What if a no frill, ready-to-use workspace is your requirement and you can get just that and at the time you want? Find these and many other modern day workspace solutions on this space. Introducing blog by OfficingNow, the pioneering company for flexible workspace concept in India that has mission of helping you Work Smart and Keep Moving.

Freelancer desk

The new economy, today, is contributed by new genres of businesses. They include online commercial ventures, service providers, consultants, tourism based industries etc. They need workspace quite different from traditional workspace. New businesses need On-demand, cost effective, in-vicinity, or travel friendly places and engaging huge spaces in business parks can be expensive. Neither rigid tenure and renewal conditions help. Present businesses need flexible workspaces to reach out with their services to the corners of India.

To troubleshoot these hindrances and make procuring workstations more compatible with the present day need, OfficingNow has stepped in the scenario with 'WORK SMART MOVE ON' motto to provide a very feasible solution for requirements of the business ventures. Here we are with a fresh breeze of innovative ideas for a cost- effective, plug-n-play workstations available at short notices and where you pay only for the usage, a very flexible duration at that!

OfficingNow is a platform for both seeker and provider of workspace. Providers can monetize their ready-to-use, idle workspaces. Why, even business houses can co-share their temporarily vacant workspaces using this platform! As a provider, you can register and list the workspaces with amenities on the website and get going with the interested seeker.

All you do as a seeker is login to and surf through wide range of Executive Offices, Individual Desks, Conference Rooms, Discussion Rooms, Open Work Areas etc. Your requirement be in any small or big city, we are at your beck and call to get you multiple options with state-of-the-art amenities for you. Evaluate and choose from the best to book your workspace.

Here, on this blog, we keep you updated with latest trends, explore global office cultures, discuss the newest technology adaptations, and ideas enhancing your working conditions. And of course, you can checkout the newest, ideal and emulating workspaces surfacing on this blog of OfficingNow.

We are more than eager to hear from you. You can suggest or write your queries in the comment section below or send them to Experience how Ideal job consorted with ideal working condition can bring you maximum productivity.

Start Now by joining here.

Happy Officing, :) !!

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  1. Hi Blogwatig, thank you very much. Do register with us as seeker and we will find an ideal place for you. Have a nice day!

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