Sitting on spare office capacity and yet bearing cost? Wanting to start a Business Center? Want to market your Ready to Use workspace to a larger audience?

And Why not?   Increasing number of Start Ups, Working Professionals and Corporates are shifting away from making long term commitments to real estate and adopting the new global trend of Flexible Working.  They have no time to take an office space for a long term and spend a fortune in furnishing it. They are happier putting their scarce capital to work on the core of their business rather than make a long term commitment to the commercial space. They are looking for Ready to Use Spaces which allows them to get started in a Jiffy. They are looking for Space As a Service and not as a Passive & Cold infrastructure.

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With Start ups booming, economy looking up, ever increasing number of travelling professionals - this is ideal time to improve returns from your Furnished and Serviced Workspace!


Shared Workspace at Hosur Road BangaloreWondering how ?

Here's what Mumbai based, OfficingNow is doing by helping space providers  monetize their extra  spaces by making them available to the increasing number of business professionals who are looking for such spaces.Listing with OfficingNow is proving to be a great help for space providers  due to the unique features the site provides:
  1. Detailed listing of workspaces.
  2. Identifying and highlighting USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) of the  space.
  3. Helping instant monetization of the space & amenities by using e- commerce.
  4. Extensive marketing support on Conventional and digital platforms.
  5. Giving control of the listing - ensuring the latest information is always available to your potential client.

"So log in and list your space and become a part of the global trend of flexible working"

2 thoughts on “Monetization of Idle Workspaces”

  1. It can be very difficult to make running a coworking office space financially rewarding to begin with. It takes hard work, the right location, the right facilities and the right price. Luckily we have a Coworking office space in West London. Because of the size of the building we have many features and facilities. I would recommend others to do the same.

    1. Thanks for posting. Getting the right co working space is the key for the working professional. Needs to be private enough to allow for “me work” and community oriented enough to add value to the “we working” part of the work. Our endeavor is to provide the right information to the working professional and provide a platform for the co working space owners to highlight the features of their spaces.

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