FAQs for Space Seekers

OfficingNow is a unique, simple and convenient platform that connects providers of professional workspaces like offices, work desks, conference rooms, seminar rooms, training rooms, discussion areas with mobile professionals looking for such spaces on short term basis. Such mobile professionals could be travelling workers of other well-known corporate groups, start-ups, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, NGOs etc. Through its powerful search engine and expertise, OfficingNow matches the requirements of working professionals to the most suitable spaces and connects the two by facilitating the transaction.

At OfficingNow we believe that you should pay only for what you use and for as long as you use. Why pay huge monthly rentals and tie yourself in long term contracts when your business needs are so flexible. We help you search for professional working and meeting spaces that you can use and pay for by the hour, by the day or by the month.
OfficingNow is your single window interaction to help you Search (from a wide choice of venues and amenities), Evaluate (using multiple criteria and reviews from other users), Confirm Selection (by processing the payment and contracts) and Use the space for your purpose.
By going through OfficingNow, you save time and money, which otherwise would have had to be spent with still the risk of ending up with a sub optimal selection.

OfficingNow has a powerful yet simple and easy search mechanism that allows you to search from various options listed on multiple criteria of your choice. You can search by your preferred location, type of workspace (example – Team Office, Conference Room, Training Room etc.), duration of usage (by the hour, by the day or longer), number of Occupants and Type of Amenities. We also have a powerful keyword search that allows search on basis of any other specific requirement that you may be having. In addition to the powerful online search mechanism, we also provide services of OWCs (Online Workspace Consultants) who are available over phone and online chat to assist you in your customised requirements.
Once you have identified the exact venue for your needs, you will be explained any venue specific contracts and T & C. Once you are agreeable to these, your request will be then forwarded to the venue host for confirmation. The confirmations usually comes within 24 hours, once the confirmation is received, your payment is collected via your preferred mode of payment and you are ready to go.

Our OWCs (Online Workspace Consultants) are continuously on the lookout for the best workspaces. They will understand your requirement and search out the best option for you in shortest possible time. All you need to do is leave your requirement details and they will get back to you.

Once your booking has been accepted by the Venue Host, we will proceed to collect your initial payment on behalf of the Venue Host. The payment will be collected on a secured platform through online banking tools like NEFT, RTGS, IMPS etc. You will then be good to go.

The services of OfficingNow for you are free. You pay only for the space you book. No brokerage, no processing Fee.

We will endeavour to provide you all details about your required and short-listed space. This should be good for you to book the space. However, should you require to visit the venue, we will organize a tour for you.

Depending upon the Venue Host, there could be a requirement of Security Deposit to be paid in certain cases. Such requirements would be told to you at the time of booking. In all cases, the refund will be made by the Venue Host directly to you. The refund would be done within the time limit stipulated in the contract, subject to the conditions mentioned in the Venue Host contract.

This would be determined by the relevant clauses in the contract between you and the Venue Host. In the event, this is not clearly mentioned in the contract, OfficingNow advises you to seek this clarity prior to confirming your booking.

Yes, you can cancel your booking within the cancellation policy of the Venue Host. Should there be no cancellation policy specifically outlined by the Venue Host in the contract, the cancellation policy of OfficingNow shall apply.

OfficingNow believes that the flexibility is the most important thing the clients are looking for while seeking professional workspaces. Business plans and needs change at short notices and at the same time, the host must get sufficient time / compensation for the cancellation on account of foregone opportunity of seeking another booking. Most of the listed venues here have a well-defined cancellation policy. Details of this will be made known to you at the time of your booking a specific venue by the Venue Host and OfficingNow will endeavour to explain the same to you. In the rare case of Venue Host not having a defined cancellation policy, please contact with a specific query at contactus@officingnow.com for more details.

You can get in touch with the Venue Host or with OfficingNow for such a request. While we will endeavour to organize the extension on a best effort basis, please be aware that the venue may have been booked on a back to back basis and such extensions may not be possible. Also, there could be additional charges to be paid for the same.

For security reasons and for providing customization, we would need you to declare the names of the members participating in the meeting and also the single point of contact for the meeting. In the event that may not be possible, it will be assumed that the Single point of contact declared would be responsible for the conduct of the guests.

We understand the changing nature of dynamic teams. However, for security reasons and to better manage the experience and communications, you would be required to declare a single point of contact, who would be responsible for entire team and adherence to the contractual obligations.

OfficingNow only provides you the information regarding the venues listed with us. Your usage of the space will be governed as per the contract signed between you and the Venue Host.

Please get in touch with your OfficingNow Workspace Consultant. We will be happy to help you with your incremental space requirement.

Please get in touch with your OfficingNow Workspace Consultant. We will be happy to help you with your extension of stay requirement.

Please get in touch with your OfficingNow Workspace Consultant. We will be happy to help you with your additional service requirements.

At all times, you are expected to maintain the premises and assets of the Venue Host in good and proper condition. You are expected to return the premises in the same condition as was when you took it, save normal wear and tear. The specifics of terms of usage would be there in the relevant sections of the contracts – both with the Venue Host and with OfficingNow. However, in the event of any damage having been caused, you would be expected to make good the damage after a mutual assessment of the same has happened between you and the Venue Host. Depending upon the terms of the contract or on mutual agreement between you and the Host, the same could be adjusted from your available deposit or by making payment of equivalent amount or by rectifying the damage to Host’s satisfaction. Please be aware that if left unresolved or as an dispute, this could lead to litigation.