Who can list

Business Centers

  • List your vacant inventory with us on a dynamic listing basis. Benefit from our digital marketing campaign and advanced search & match facility to complement your marketing efforts.

Co–Working Spaces

  • We understand your uniqueness. Benefit from our advanced digital marketing and analytic to help you improve occupancy & value.

Educational Institutions

  • Your training halls /seminar rooms lying unutilized / partially used? Convert these into revenues by letting out to corporate clients and professional trainers.

Corporate Officess

  • Part of your office lying unused? Downsized but cannot give up costly space due to contractual reasons? Monetize unused / partially used spaces by welcoming guests looking for short term space.


  • Monetize your business center , banquets, conference rooms and lobby with us on a dynamic listing basis. Benefit from our digital marketing campaign and advanced search & match facility.

Coffee Shops / Restaurants

  • Improve your occupancy in off peak hours by getting footfall of working professionals looking for short duration and functional workspaces.
Benefits of Listing

Generate Additional Revenue

  • Be it the partly utilised board room or that part of your office that lies vacant, monetize your idle inventory by making it available for like minded professionals for short term usage. You set your own price & usage terms.

Free Advertising

  • Benefit from the unbeatable and extensive digital marketing campaign covering all major social networks – absolutely Free.

Profiled Clients

  • We profile your potential guests on your defined criteria so that you get clients matching your office image.


  • We understand your security concerns and profile the potential guests on basis of various criteria and forward to you only your opted profiles. We manage payments upfront so that you minimise any payment default risk.

Operational Support

  • Cut your overheads. Our Flexible Workspace Experts handle your reservations, collections and pre move in guest interactions, while you focus on giving them a great on venue experience.

Benefit From Analytics

  • Benefit from our advanced analytic tools to help you design and price your inventory so that you maximise your revenue & profits.
How do I list
To create an ongoing relationship
with OfficingNow.
Desks, Offices, Training room, conference room, discussion spaces and more.
Location and Venue specific details of amenities & Business conditions using images, videos and documents.
Tell us why you are better than others.
A great looking profile that you can manage yourself.
Increased occupancy & Better profitability.