Choosing between coffee shop & serviced office for quick meetingsOff late Coffee shops have emerged as preferred choice for business travelers, startups, entrepreneurs or freelancers for quick catch ups & meetings. Although for a casual meeting coffee shop might be a decent option but having a meeting with potential/elite  client, coffee shop is still a terrible idea since it has many downsides which cannot be kept away.There is no guarantee for dedicated space, which leads to sometimes no place for sitting as you enter the coffee shop. In addition to that disturbance from music and crowd is just inevitable. You were in awkward situation, to finding a new place with client which is waste of time and also threat of losing important deal. Many coffee shops offers Wi-Fi services over which you have no control and you end up facing unreliable internet connection, which might cut down access to Wi-Fi during peak hours. Of course, the main business of coffee shop is to sell coffee and snack, so it is mandatory to purchased coffee or snacks every 1-2 hours. Occupying a table for longs hours and ordering once or not can affect their business too and especially in their peak hours. To summarize in a nutshell, above are the major disadvantages of coffee shop which cannot offer professional environment or operational support for smooth business meetings. shared spaceHaving said so, there is a definite better option over coffee shop which is professional workspace like a Serviced Office where all your requirements for a professional engagement can be met. Here you can always have Assured space through booking the space before meeting and save time, plus also save yourself from embarrassment of coffee shop on finding an empty table.Serviced office makes available private meeting rooms away from unwanted distraction. Here you can extent the meeting hours as required. Also catering services are on demand not obligatory.supportIt also offers facilities like free and uninterrupted Wi-Fi connectivity, presentation tools, operational support like printing, scanning, telephone connections, and reception services at minimal or no cost.

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