Are you unsure about employing new technology? Are you concerned about its obsoletion in the near future? Are you bogged-down by disruptive technology? Read on for some clarity… Technology transforms businesses majorly through disruptions. Disruptive technology is all set to create a volatile world which will have a massive impact on businesses, across sectors. The “Today’s discovery – tomorrow’s history” feature of the new technology is both, benefitting and victimizing businesses simultaneously. To combat this, we will require a different kind of leadership, not the one that has worked in the past.

In 1995, Harvard professor Clayton Christensen categorized any new emerging technology into Sustaining and Disruptive. As the names suggest, “sustaining” is one that qualitatively improves any existing technology while “disruptive” is one that displaces existing technology with a completely new one. So essentially any innovation that wiped out or displaced a prevailing custom is called disruptive technology. For example, personal computers displaced typewriters, emails displaced letter writing, cellular phones displaced landlines, smart phones displaced cellular phones, and more recently, Whatsapp is displacing text messages and Kindle is displacing books. It is amusing how disruptive technology has engulfed us. It is not only impacting our daily lifestyle, but also our businesses in a big way. Disruptive technology has facilitated innovative discoveries in various industries like:
  • 3D printing and nanotechnology in Manufacturing
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) in Retail
  • Biometrics in Finance
  • Genomics in Health care.
These innovations have reduced cost, increased efficiency and bettered outcome, thereby inducing a significant impact in the global economy.Considering the huge level of impact, it is essential to analyze the extent of disruption that we can allow. Beyond that, we will have to navigate our way through it. And the OODA loop will help us do that. OODA loop is a decision-making concept developed by US Air Force Colonel John Boyd. It is a fantastic concept used for strategic military and business ideations. It works in a recurring cycle of Observe-Orient-Decide Along with using the strategic decision-making tool, following the practices of Wholesome Leadership will help the business leaders navigate smoothly through the disruptive technology.
Wholesome Leadership is an inclusive and innovative leadership style which is based on a deeper understanding of self. It ensures a significant change by actively imparting value to all stakeholders. Wholesome Leadership takes into consideration the current prevailing scenarios  and comes with a fresh perspective of how to deal with it. This is critical as the business leaders of today need to gear up to perform a larger role of delivering value and driving success.How fabulous will it be if an expert could decipher these concepts for us!Well, here you go – Bombay Management Association, in collaboration with OfficingNow is scheduled to facilitate a leadership program on September 1, 2016 at Lotus Corporate park at 2.30 pm by Mr. Arun Wakhlu on Navigating Disruption with Wholesome Leadership. Mr. Arun Wakhlu is the Executive Chairman at Pragati Leadership Institute, Pune. He is a globally recognized facilitator and executive coach, best known for his leadership development programs. Enroll yourself now on to get a better understanding of how one can navigate through disruption by practicing Wholesome Leadership.

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