Evolving work styles, technology boom, growth of millennial, and start-up entrepreneurs drive major realignment of workplaces today. Modern workspaces are breaking free from the taboo of old constraints, taking the plunge to walk down the road to support their best talents and re shape work and the culture within. Workspace realignment gets priority based on it high impact on not only the workforce culture, but also on factors of satisfaction, engagement and productivity of the workforce working within. Let’s dwell on the upcoming and most active trends which can catapult productivity and engagement indices at the workspace into a much higher altitude.

  • Millennial friendly designs - These ambitious, tech-savvy, creative designs dominate the occupancy of most business centers & co-working spaces across the globe. They have notably different working styles and preferences compared to other generations. While they consider non-conventional workspace arrangement as the “in-thing”, they consider themselves more productive sitting in cafés or lounges. Their ease with mobile technology enables many of them to work anytime, anywhere. Workspaces promoting open and flat workspace designs are a complete go-go for these groups.
  • Add a tinge of Nature – Who would not like to gaze at greenery amidst a stressful day? Adding green plants into the workspace goes together with an enhancing natural illumination. Go Green is a long-lasting trend which boosts workforce productivity. Another efficient way to enhance a tinge of nature is to maximize inflow of natural light using floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Comfortable “Workplaces”, not just workstations – Workspaces have moved way beyond being just “workstations” and have evolved as community workplaces. Most modern workplaces aspire to incorporate one or more communal areas, as well as meeting rooms, open breakout areas, and casual seating areas. The spaces may include tables, chairs, comfortable lounge furniture, bar-height tables and stools, etc.
Trendy Coworking Space
  • Room to move around - Long hours spent sitting at work in an unnatural posture can cause different health problems, including back strain and headaches. Rather than staying in one spot all day, workers should be able to change places and move around. This allows for more physical movement, reducing risks from extensive time periods of sitting. Having comfortable chairs with adjustable parts and back support, sit-to-stand desks are becoming more and more popular. A few more desirables for a supercharged workplace can be room to standing up to stretch throughout the day, stroll between offices during lunch, a designed space where “Walking meeting” can be organised and so on.
  • Discouraging Assigned seating – One of the trends on the rise across most workplaces is the removal of assigned seats. This is one of the latest trends which allows for greater variety of movement. Unassigned workstations & touch-down spaces, which may be open or enclosed, offer a variety of visual and acoustical privacy and the ability to support individual work or one-on-one meetings at the same time.

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