Today, ease of mobility and pace of innovation has reinvented working styles, especially for startups whose numbers are rising exponentially in the country. A start-up organization aspires for a workplace environment that holds up the attributes of creative problem solving, open communication and a horizontal hierarchy to carry out the vision and contribute in company’s growth.  Keeping this in mind, the workspace plays a crucial role in setting up and defining the organizational culture.thinkIf you’re selecting a workspace for a Startup or thinking about moving, ask yourself how your office can and/or should represent your company culture. Are you a very open, communicative team? Try an open space. Is it more important for your culture that people have spaces to mingle or for quiet work? Figuring out how the office reflects how you want to work with your employees is a very big part of the journey Let us consider following factors as depicted below while choosing best office space for your startup:Location: Choosing a prestigious location as workspace makes a statement in itself, embosses company's image and creates a lasting impression on associates and clients.Price: Initially for a startup business it is important to keep costs low, upgrade its office when business makes profit and becomes more established and also keep a check on hidden cost.Style/Layout: Workspace designs have psychological impact on workers especially when it comes to various desgins like Green Environment, Color Scheme, Innovative Furnitures, Space for Relaxation,and of course common spaces to increase interaction.Flexibility: No need to lock yourself in long term lease contracts. Here you have a choice to decide whether you can go with hourly/daily/monthly basis workspace and pay for a space which you are actually using. Collaborative Workspace: More startups are demanding co-working workspace so they can have more open space and get benefited from meeting with like-minded individuals as idea grows through collaboration.Picture2 Operational support: Serviced work-spaces offer operational support to start-ups who look for plug-n-play offices with less to worry about the operation or ancillary support system. E.g. presentation tools, professional reception services,security etc.Amenities on Demand: Serviced workspaces emerge as a cost-effective solution for start-ups with provision for offering professional amenities on demand as and when required by the startups. Thus they end up paying only for what they use. Expansion and Scalability: Start-ups have aggressive plans of expanding their team size in quick successions and often prefer workspaces which has the muscle to keep up with their pace and offer team expansion options.Considering the above factors, does finding SUITABLE WORKPACE looks like a herculean task ahead of you? And do you need to spend invaluable time and resources to find the best space for your business?The Good news is you don't need put any efforts and get down to this herculean task…… why?OfficingNow is here to do this for you. It has emerged as the provider of most diversified workspace offerings which can be explored by the Start-ups, defined their preferences and further filtered their search to drill down to the perfect match of inventory to work from that would boost the workforce engaged and propelled growth element amongst their team members.What you need to do? Just mention in your requirements in out “Post Your requirement” form and rest all things will be taken care by the OfficingNow Team.

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