Things to Consider While Selecting a Conference Room at a Short NoticeA conference can facilitate business in many ways and for conference to be effective in a short notice we need to select conference venues properly.


Use Mobile apps extensivelyInnovative new mobile apps help planners keep track of RSVPs and make checking into an event effortless when you are short of time. The app also allows attendees to keep track of the conference agenda and interact with other meeting-goers.


Easy to access locationIf the conference location is unapproachable or inconvenient to reach, the participation and attendance of employees will be low.

Size of the meeting room mattersWhile selecting a space for the conference, size does matter. Also keep in mind the number of participants and choose space accordingly.

Space for Social Interaction and NetworkingCheck if there is ample space for social interaction and networking. Find a spacious place and don’t get caught in dead-ends and corridors that lead nowhere leading to wastage of time.


Amenities available in the conference roomLook out for dedicated and customized conference facilities in a room before you book it so that the meeting starts, proceeds, and ends up well in time. Check the following must-haves in a conference room:

  • Availability of projection screens and LCD televisions
  • High quality, heavy duty cables and offers free, unlimited Wi-Fi access
  • Suitable light fittings, power points and continuous views

Look for flexible meeting spacesFlexible meeting venues offer conveniences such as move-able partitions, furniture and planters that make spaces more useful and attractive.

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