10 Seater Cabin at Camp, Pune

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Collaborative Environment: The 10-seater cabin provides a collaborative and team-oriented workspace where up to ten individuals can work closely together on projects, discussions, and team meetings. Its larger capacity fosters teamwork, communication, and synergy among team members, promoting productivity and idea exchange.

Functional Design: Designed with functionality in mind, the cabin features a well-organized layout that optimizes space utilization while ensuring comfort and efficiency for all occupants. A central conference table with seating for ten individuals allows for clear communication and interaction, while additional amenities such as whiteboards, projectors, or screens enhance productivity and collaboration.

Privacy and Focus: Despite its larger size, the 10-seater cabin offers privacy and focus, allowing teams to work without distractions or interruptions. Soundproofing and privacy measures ensure confidentiality during sensitive discussions or meetings, creating a conducive environment for focused work and decision-making.

Versatility: The 10-seater cabin is versatile in its usage, accommodating various types of activities and meetings, including team discussions, client meetings, presentations, training sessions, and brainstorming sessions. Its adaptable nature allows teams to customize the space according to their specific needs and preferences, making it suitable for diverse business requirements.

Amenities and Comfort: Equipped with essential amenities such as ergonomic chairs, power outlets, high-speed internet connectivity, and ample lighting, the cabin provides a comfortable and functional workspace for prolonged periods of work. Additional amenities such as refreshment stations, lounge areas, and storage facilities may also be available to enhance the overall work experience for occupants.

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Location: Situated at 2413, Parmar House, next to Axis Bank in Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001, the venue enjoys a prime location in the heart of Pune. Camp is a bustling area known for its commercial and cultural significance, making it easily accessible and convenient for attendees.

Accessibility: The venue’s proximity to Axis Bank and its central location in Camp ensures easy accessibility by various modes of transportation, including public transport, private vehicles, and taxis. Its location in a well-known commercial area also means ample parking facilities may be available nearby.

Facilities: Parmar House likely offers a range of facilities suitable for hosting events, such as meetings, seminars, workshops, or gatherings. These facilities may include spacious meeting rooms equipped with necessary amenities like projectors, sound systems, and Wi-Fi, ensuring smooth and efficient conduct of events.

Ambiance: The ambiance of Parmar House is expected to be professional yet inviting, providing a conducive environment for productive discussions and networking opportunities. Whether it’s a corporate meeting or a social event, the venue is likely designed to accommodate various types of gatherings comfortably.

Surroundings: Being located in Camp, the venue is surrounded by a vibrant mix of commercial establishments, eateries, and cultural landmarks. Attendees can explore nearby attractions or enjoy a variety of dining options before or after events, enhancing their overall experience of visiting the venue.

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