5 Seater Private Cabin at Nungambakkam, Chennai

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Seating Capacity: The workspace offers a comfortable 5-seater meeting area, providing ample seating for collaborative discussions, team meetings, or client presentations. This arrangement encourages teamwork and facilitates effective communication among team members or with clients.

Meeting Environment: The workspace is designed to foster a professional and conducive meeting environment. With ergonomic seating and a spacious layout, participants can engage in discussions comfortably for extended periods without feeling cramped or uncomfortable.

LED TV: The focal point of the meeting area is the LED TV, which serves as a central display for presentations, visual aids, or multimedia content. The high-definition display enhances the viewing experience, ensuring that content is presented with clarity and detail, making it ideal for showcasing presentations, slideshows, or video conferencing.

Collaboration Hub: The meeting area equipped with an LED TV serves as a collaboration hub where team members can share ideas, brainstorm, and collaborate on projects effectively. The large screen facilitates the sharing of information, data, and visuals, enabling participants to engage in interactive discussions and decision-making processes.

Versatility: The meeting area with a 6-seater configuration and an LED TV is versatile and adaptable to various business needs. Whether it's conducting team meetings, client presentations, training sessions, or virtual conferences, the workspace provides a flexible environment that can accommodate diverse requirements, enhancing productivity and collaboration within the organization.

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Gee Gee Plaza is located at F1/12 on Wheat Crofts Road in the Nungambakkam area of Chennai. Nungambakkam is a prominent commercial and residential locality in the city, known for its bustling atmosphere and proximity to various amenities.

The venue is situated at a specific unit within Gee Gee Plaza, marked as F1/12. This could indicate either a specific office, shop, or area within the plaza.

The address also includes the street number, which is #1, on Wheat Crofts Road. This information helps in locating the venue within the street.

Nungambakkam is mentioned as the locality or neighborhood where the venue is situated. Nungambakkam is known for its commercial establishments, educational institutions, and residential areas, making it a well-connected and vibrant part of Chennai.

Finally, the postal code mentioned is 600034, which is the postal code for the Nungambakkam area in Chennai.

Overall, Gee Gee Plaza at F1/12, Wheat Crofts Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600034, is a specific venue located within a commercial complex in the bustling city of Chennai, India.

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