A event space for workshops and hackathons near Connaught place New Delhi

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1.Spacious and versatile event space.
2.Able to accommodate a range of events and functions.
3.Equipped with necessary facilities and technology.
4.Offers flexible setup options to meet specific needs.
5.Adequate lighting and acoustics for an immersive experience.
6.Seating arrangements can be customized to suit the event.
7.On-site catering available to cater to guests' food and beverage needs.
8.Ample parking and accessibility for attendees.
9.Professional and experienced staff to manage the event.
10.Ideal for hosting conferences, workshops, product launches, and more.

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1.Located at Asaf Ali Road, near Connaught Place in Delhi.
2.A co-working space with an area of 8000 sq ft.
3.Surrounded by some of the biggest Indian corporate houses.
4.Situated at the center of the capital.
5.Easy access to resources, clients, vendors, employees, and interns.
6.In close proximity to the Delhi Stock Exchange.
7.Ideal for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups.
8.Offers a flexible and modern workspace.
9.Features state-of-the-art amenities and infrastructure.
10.Provides a vibrant and collaborative environment for productivity and growth.

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