Event Space Cum Seminar hall at Asaf Ali Rd, New Delhi

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Variable Capacity: These spaces can typically accommodate a range of attendees, from a small group for an intimate seminar to a larger crowd for a conference or product launch. The specific capacity will depend on the size of the venue and the layout configuration.

Modular Furnishings: Event spaces often have movable furniture, such as stackable chairs and portable tables, that can be arranged in different configurations to suit the specific needs of the event. This allows for a flexible layout that can be adapted for presentations, group discussions, breakout sessions, or social gatherings.

Audio/Visual Technology: Many event spaces come equipped with audio-visual (AV) technology, such as projectors, screens, sound systems, and microphones. This is essential for presentations, speeches, and video conferencing.

Lighting and Climate Control: These spaces typically have adjustable lighting and climate control systems to create the desired ambiance and ensure the comfort of attendees.

Catering Services: Some event spaces may offer in-house catering services or allow you to bring in your own catering provider. This is an important consideration depending on the nature and duration of your event.

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Coworking Space: The location appears to be primarily a coworking space. This means it offers shared office areas for rent, ideal for startups, freelancers, or businesses seeking flexible workspace solutions
Multiple Occupants: Several companies seem to have offices at this location, including Stirring Minds, Yummiano (snack company), and Zettabolt (data science company).
Central Location: Situated on Asaf Ali Road in New Delhi, it benefits from a central location, potentially offering good access to public transport and amenities.
Specific Business Inquiry Recommended: Since multiple businesses operate from this address, it’s best to contact the specific company you’re interested in to confirm their exact suite or office number within Kundan Mansion.
Limited Size: There’s a mention of a 10 square meter shared office available for rent, suggesting the overall space might be on the smaller side.

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