Executive Cabin at Eastern Express Hwy, Thane

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  • Exclusive Workspace: The executive cabin at Dev Corpora offers a private and exclusive office space, providing executives and senior professionals with a dedicated area for focused work and confidential discussions.

  • Customizable Environment: Designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of the occupant, the executive cabin can be customized with personalized decor, furniture arrangements, and amenities.

  • Modern Amenities: Equipped with high-speed internet, premium ergonomic furniture, and access to shared office facilities, the executive cabin ensures a comfortable and productive work environment.

  • Prime Location: Located on the 13th floor of A Wing in Dev Corpora, at Cadbury Junction on the Eastern Express Highway, the executive cabin benefits from a strategic location with excellent connectivity and accessibility.

  • Enhanced Privacy: With its enclosed space and dedicated entrance, the executive cabin provides enhanced privacy and confidentiality for confidential meetings, discussions, or sensitive work tasks.

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  • Location: Situated at Dev Corpora, A Wing, 13th floor, this venue is located at Cadbury Junction, a notable landmark on the Eastern Express Highway in Thane, Maharashtra.
  • Floor: The venue occupies the 13th floor, providing an elevated and exclusive setting ideal for business and professional activities.
  • Accessibility: The location at Cadbury Junction ensures excellent connectivity via the Eastern Express Highway, making it easily accessible from various parts of Thane and Mumbai.
  • Neighborhood: The area is surrounded by key commercial establishments, corporate offices, and essential amenities, enhancing the convenience for visitors and clients.
  • Address: The complete address is 13th Floor, A Wing, Dev Corpora, Cadbury Junction, Eastern Express Highway, Thane, Maharashtra 400601, ensuring it is easy to locate for visitors and clients.

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