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Fully furnished workstations typically refer to ready-to-use office setups that come with all the essential furniture, equipment, and amenities required for individuals to carry out their work. These workstations are designed to provide a functional and comfortable workspace, eliminating the need for individuals or businesses to invest in separate furniture and equipment. Here are the key components you can expect to find in fully furnished workstations:

Desk and Chair: Each workstation will have a desk or a workstation unit, typically with a sufficient surface area to accommodate a computer, monitor, keyboard, and other necessary items. A comfortable chair is provided for ergonomic seating.

Storage: Workstations often come with storage options such as drawers or cabinets to keep personal belongings, files, and documents organized and secure.

Power Outlets and Connectivity: Electrical outlets will be conveniently located near each workstation to allow individuals to connect their computers, chargers, and other electronic devices. Access to a reliable internet connection is also essential for productivity, and workstations should have options for wired or wireless connectivity.

Lighting: Adequate lighting is crucial for a productive workspace. Fully furnished workstations typically feature well-placed overhead lighting or desk lamps to ensure proper illumination.

Cable Management: Workstations are designed to manage cables and wires effectively. Cable management systems, such as cable trays or clips, are often provided to keep cords organized and minimize clutter.

Privacy and Partitioning: Depending on the layout and design, workstations may include partitions or screens to provide a certain level of privacy and reduce distractions in shared office spaces.

Aesthetics and Comfort: Furnishings and decor will be included to create a professional and pleasant working environment. This may include the choice of colors, materials, and other aesthetic elements.

Shared Facilities: Fully furnished workstations may also provide access to shared facilities such as meeting rooms, conference areas, breakout spaces, kitchenettes, and restroom facilities.

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Looking for a professional and collaborative workspace in Makarba, Taluka Ahmedabad? Look no further than this vibrant and dynamic co-working space! With its modern amenities and flexible office solutions, this workspace is the perfect choice for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small businesses alike.

Step into our beautifully designed co-working space, and you’ll find everything you need to get your work done. From high-speed Wi-Fi and ergonomic furniture to meeting rooms and private offices, we’ve got you covered. Plus, our community of like-minded professionals is always ready to collaborate and share ideas.

Whether you need a dedicated desk or a virtual office, our flexible membership plans can be customized to fit your unique needs. And with our prime location in the heart of Makarba, Taluka Ahmedabad, you’ll have easy access to all the amenities and attractions of the city. So why wait? Join our thriving community of professionals today and take your business to the next level!

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Please see the location Map on left side.
Is also called as Shared Desk or Co- work Space or Floating Desk or an Individual Seat in the common area.
This Venue provides the following Amenities: Included in Base Price - Free Amenities- Product Tea / Coffee,Product Bottled Mineral Water,Product Business Café,Product Drinking Water,Product Microwave,Product Coffee Vending Machine,Product Refrigerator,Product Catering Services,Product Room Service,Product Wi/Fi,Product Telephone Connection,Product Rack Space,Product Lease Line Rental,Product Shared Bandwidth,Product Telephone Answering,Product Public Address System,Product Network Security,Product CCTV,Product Security Services,Product Fire Exit,Product First-Aid,Product Certified Fire Fighting Equipmment,Product Fire Alarms & Sprinklers,Product Sanitsation Chamber,Product No Crowd,Product Hospital Tieup,Product Lift Hygine,Product Face Masks,Product Sanitizer,Product Spaced Seating,Product No Spit,Product Health Checklist,Product Staggered Time,Product Zones,Product Reception Services,Product White Board & Marker,Product Stationary,Product Storage Facility,Product Mail Handling / Forwarding Services,Product 24/7 Access,Product Housekeeping Services,Product Washrooms,Product Sound Proof,Product Split A/C,Product Centralized A/C,Product Adjustable Lighting,Product Multiple Powerpoints,Product Signage / Lobby Listing,Product Elevators,Product Train Station Access,Product Public Transport Access,Product UPS Back-Up,Product Gymnasium,Product Public Parking. If any specific questions/requirements, please fill up -  Any Questions Form
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Please click on Book Now button and you will be displayed with Booking Page.Select duration, dates and Submit the Booking. Based on the Availability Process you will be notified for the further action. Please contact us @ 9029983888 or Email us on contactus@officingnow.com for any query regarding Booking and Availability Process
Yes. You can postpone your booking online and use the workspace based on availability.
Yes. You can extend the usage up to 3 hours based on the availability.

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