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Our warm shell workspace offers a fully furnished option for long-term lease, providing a convenient and ready-to-use solution for your business requirements. Here are the details of our workspace solution:

Customizable and Flexible: The warm shell workspace is designed to offer flexibility and customization according to your specific needs. While it comes in a warm shell mode, you have the freedom to rearrange and personalize the space to align with your business preferences and workflow.

Complete Furnishings: Our fully furnished option includes all the necessary furniture and equipment to support your business operations. From desks, chairs, and storage cabinets to meeting room furniture and reception area setup, we ensure that the workspace is equipped with everything you need for a functional and comfortable working environment.

Technological Infrastructure: In addition to furniture, we can also provide you with required technological infrastructure. Enjoy high-speed internet connectivity, dedicated phone lines, and access to essential IT equipment. This ensures that you can seamlessly integrate your business operations and stay connected with your clients and colleagues.

Long Lease Option: Our workspace is available for long-term lease, providing stability and security for your business. With a long lease, you can establish a long-lasting presence and enjoy the benefits of a fully furnished workspace for an extended period.

By choosing this option at Akshar IT park, you can benefit from a fully furnished and customizable workspace that meets your specific needs. Enjoy the convenience of a ready-to-use setup, complete with furniture, equipment, and technological infrastructure. Establish a long-term presence in a professional and comfortable workspace that supports your business growth and success.

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This premier commercial property in Navi Mumbai presents four units available for rent, offering a combined total carpet area of 7810 square feet. Two units provide a spacious carpet area of 2150 square feet each, while the remaining two units offer 1750 square feet each. Strategically positioned in a highly accessible and prominent location, this property is surrounded by renowned landmarks and key transportation links.

Situated a mere 200 meters away from APMC, this commercial space benefits from a prime position in Navi Mumbai’s bustling business hub. Opposite the property, you’ll find the notable landmark of IKEA, adding to the area’s appeal. The well-known Palm Beach Road is just a 5-minute drive away, ensuring swift and convenient access to major business and leisure destinations.

Transportation and connectivity are exceptional in this area, with easy access to key locations. The JNPT SEZ in Uran is approximately 42 minutes away by car, covering a distance of 22 kilometers. The Vashi Bus Depot is a short 10-minute drive or 1.5 kilometers away, facilitating effortless commuting for both employees and visitors. The Thane-Belapur Road is within 1 kilometer, just a 5-minute drive, and the Sion-Panvel Highway is accessible within a 10-minute drive, spanning a distance of 1.5 kilometers.

The proposed Navi Mumbai International Airport is approximately 35 minutes away, covering a distance of 17.7 kilometers. Public transportation options are readily available, with the Turbhe Railway Station and Turbhe Bus Depot located conveniently within a 5-minute walk, at a distance of 500 meters. The Sanpada Railway Station is a short 10-minute drive or 1.5 kilometers away.

Benefitting from its strategic location and proximity to major transportation hubs, this commercial property offers a highly accessible and well-connected venue for businesses. It provides an excellent opportunity for companies to establish their presence in a vibrant commercial area surrounded by prominent landmarks, all while enjoying convenient access to key destinations in and around Navi Mumbai.

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