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Collaborative Environment: Open area seating, also known as open-plan seating or open office layout, promotes collaboration and communication among team members. It's characterized by a lack of physical barriers such as cubicles or walls, allowing for easy interaction and idea exchange.

Flexibility: Open area seating offers flexibility in workspace arrangement, allowing for easy reconfiguration based on the needs of the team or project. Desks and workstations are often arranged in clusters or pods, making it easy for teams to work together or for individuals to join different groups as needed.

Space Optimization: By eliminating traditional cubicles and partitions, open area seating maximizes the use of available space, creating a more efficient layout. This can lead to cost savings for organizations by reducing the need for excess square footage and facilitating better use of resources.

Transparency: Open area seating fosters a sense of transparency within the workplace, as team members can see and interact with each other more easily. This can help promote a culture of accountability, trust, and open communication among colleagues.

Challenges: While open area seating offers many benefits, it also comes with challenges such as noise levels, lack of privacy, and potential distractions. To mitigate these issues, organizations may incorporate quiet zones, designated meeting rooms, or noise-cancelling technologies to create a balanced work environment that supports both collaboration and focus.

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Location: The venue is situated in Sector 58 of Gurugram, Haryana, a bustling area known for its commercial and residential presence. It’s conveniently located with easy access to major roads and transportation hubs.

Surroundings: The area around the venue is likely to be a mix of commercial establishments, residential complexes, and possibly green spaces. Nearby amenities such as restaurants, shops, and parks may offer convenience to visitors.

Accessibility: Being located in Sector 58, the venue is easily accessible by various modes of transportation including cars, public buses, and possibly metro or rail services depending on the proximity to the nearest stations.

Facilities: The venue itself may offer a range of facilities depending on its specific nature. This could include meeting rooms, event spaces, recreational areas, parking facilities, and possibly additional amenities tailored to its purpose.

Atmosphere: Given its location in Gurugram, the venue is likely to be part of a vibrant urban environment with a mix of business, leisure, and residential activities. Depending on the time of day and specific events or activities happening nearby, the atmosphere could vary from lively and bustling to more serene and relaxed.

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Please see the location Map on left side.
Is also called as Shared Desk or Co- work Space or Floating Desk or an Individual Seat in the common area.
This Venue provides the following Amenities: Included in Base Price - Free Amenities- Product Tea / Coffee,Product Drinking Water,Product Wi/Fi,Product CCTV,Product Security Services,Product Reception Services,Product White Board & Marker,Product Housekeeping Services,Product 4 Wheeler Parking. If any specific questions/requirements, please fill up -  Any Questions Form
You can book it for Monthly.
Please click on Book Now button and you will be displayed with Booking Page.Select duration, dates and Submit the Booking. Based on the Availability Process you will be notified for the further action. Please contact us @ 9029983888 or Email us on for any query regarding Booking and Availability Process
Yes. You can postpone your booking online and use the workspace based on availability.
Yes. You can extend the usage up to 3 hours based on the availability.

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