Private Cabin at opposite to Turbhe, Navi Mumbai

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Intimate Setting: The 3-seater private cabin provides a secluded and intimate environment for small teams or individuals to work, collaborate, or conduct private meetings without interruptions.

Privacy and Focus: With its enclosed design, the private cabin offers a sense of privacy and confidentiality, allowing occupants to concentrate on their tasks or discussions without external distractions.

Comfortable Seating: Furnished with comfortable seating arrangements, such as ergonomic chairs and a spacious table, the cabin ensures that occupants can work or meet in a relaxed and conducive environment.

Amenities: The private cabin may come equipped with amenities such as power outlets, high-speed internet access, and storage options, providing occupants with the necessary tools and resources to be productive.

Customizable Space: Depending on the needs of the occupants, the private cabin can be customized with additional features or furnishings to enhance functionality and comfort, ensuring that it meets the specific requirements of its users.

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Location: Situated along Thane-Belapur Road in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, the venue is easily accessible and well-connected, making it convenient for guests to arrive via various modes of transportation.

Arihant Aura: The venue is housed within the Arihant Aura complex, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to its ambiance. Guests can expect contemporary facilities and amenities within this upscale setting.

Tower B, 6th Floor: Positioned on the 6th floor of Tower B within the Arihant Aura complex, the venue offers a panoramic view of the surrounding area, providing an elevated experience for attendees.

Opposite Turbhe: Located opposite Turbhe, a prominent landmark in Navi Mumbai, the venue enjoys a strategic location with easy visibility and accessibility for those familiar with the area.

Railway Station Proximity: With its close proximity to a railway station, the venue offers convenience for guests arriving via train, making it a practical choice for events or gatherings requiring ease of access.

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