Coaching Centre For Rent Available at Mahalaxmi Nagar, Balaji Nagar, Pune

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Location: The facility is situated on the ground floor, covering a total area of 610 square feet. It is conveniently fully furnished and ready for immediate use.

Suitability: The space is versatile and suitable for various purposes, including conducting coaching classes, running an academy, or serving as an office space. Its adaptability makes it an ideal choice for different business endeavors.

Interior Layout: The space is divided into specific areas, offering two classrooms, a cabin, and a dedicated computer room. This layout provides a structured environment suitable for educational or professional purposes.

Surroundings: Positioned in a favorable location, the workspace is surrounded by numerous residential housing societies, indicating potential accessibility to a community and a customer base within close reach. This location can facilitate networking opportunities and attract a local clientele.

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Location: Situated in Pune, Maharashtra, this venue is nestled in the scenic and vibrant area spanning Lake Town Rd within the vicinity of Shree Mahalaxmi Nagar. It offers easy access to various amenities and attractions in the region.

Surroundings: Surrounded by the tranquility of Chaitraban and the charming ambiance of Mahalaxmi Nagar, this venue enjoys a serene and peaceful environment, ideal for gatherings or events.

Accessibility: Conveniently located within the Balaji Nagar district, the venue benefits from its proximity to key transportation routes, facilitating easy travel and accessibility for attendees or visitors.

Community and Facilities: Embraced by the local community, this venue is in an area that potentially offers a mix of residential and commercial spaces, potentially providing access to various facilities and services.

Scenic Appeal: With its address along Lake Town Rd, this venue might boast beautiful vistas or easy access to nearby natural elements such as lakes or green spaces, creating a picturesque setting for events or gatherings.

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The Training Room can accommodate 30 participants
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Yes it is Inclusive
Free Amenities :Product Tea / Coffee,Product Drinking Water,Product Wi/Fi,Product Projector,Product Printer / Scanner,Product CCTV,Product Security Services,Product Reception Services,Product White Board & Marker,Product 4 Wheeler Parking If any specific questions/requirements,please fill up Questions Form below.
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You can book it for Monthly.
Yes. You can postpone your booking online and use the workspace based on availability.
Yes. You can extend the usage up to 3 hours based on the availability.

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