Training Space For Workspace And Seminars at Chandivali, Andheri East, Mumbai

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Versatile Training Space: Our training space is thoughtfully designed to cater to various needs, providing a versatile environment ideal for workshops, seminars, and professional development sessions. (training space, workshops, seminars, professional development)

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Equipped with state-of-the-art amenities, including modern audiovisual equipment, comfortable seating arrangements, and high-speed internet, our workspace ensures a seamless and productive learning experience. (state-of-the-art facilities, audiovisual equipment, comfortable seating, high-speed internet)

Flexible Setup Options: The workspace offers flexible setup options to accommodate different event formats. Whether you require a classroom-style arrangement, theater-style seating, or an open space for interactive sessions, we have you covered. (flexible setup, classroom-style, theater-style seating, interactive sessions)

Convenient Location: Located in a prime area, our training space is easily accessible, making it convenient for attendees to reach from various parts of the city. Ample parking facilities and proximity to public transportation add to the ease of access. ( convenient location, prime area, accessible, ample parking, public transportation)

Professional Atmosphere: With a professional and well-lit ambiance, our workspace fosters a conducive atmosphere for focused learning and collaboration. It provides a distraction-free environment, ensuring participants can fully engage in their training sessions. (professional atmosphere, well-lit ambiance, focused learning, collaboration, distraction-free)

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Chandivali Farm Mumbai venue, located at Premises co-operative society ltd, offers a well-established and scenic event space in the heart of Mumbai. With easy accessibility from major roads and public transportation options, this venue is perfect for hosting corporate and social events alike.

Being part of the Oberoi Garden Premises co-operative society ltd, the venue ensures a well-maintained and organized environment, adhering to rules and regulations that promote a harmonious atmosphere. Its units 4104-05 provide ample space to accommodate various events and gatherings, ensuring that guests can comfortably enjoy the occasion.

One of the highlights of this venue is its picturesque surroundings in Chandivali Farm, creating a serene and refreshing ambiance that adds to the overall event experience. Additionally, as a part of a cooperative society, the venue offers essential facilities and amenities, such as convenient parking areas, security measures, and recreational spaces, ensuring attendees have a comfortable and secure time.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event, social gathering, or community function, this Chandivali Farm event space within the Oberoi Garden cooperative society is an ideal choice, combining accessibility, space, and scenic beauty for a memorable event.

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The Training Room can accommodate 1 participants
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You can book it for Hourly.
Yes. You can postpone your booking online and use the workspace based on availability.
Yes. You can extend the usage up to 3 hours based on the availability.

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