3500 Sqft Warehouse Space at Baner Pune

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Building Structure: The workspace is housed within a 5-storey building located in the Baner area of Pune, Maharashtra. The building is primarily dedicated to office spaces, with the first 3 floors serving this purpose.

Office Layout: Each floor of the building is divided into two separate office spaces, with each office covering a carpet area of 1200 square feet. This layout allows for efficient utilization of space and accommodates multiple tenants or businesses on each floor.

Floor Space: The first 2 floors of the building offer larger office spaces, each with a carpet area of 2500 square feet. These spacious areas may be suitable for businesses requiring more extensive workspace or larger teams.

Occupancy: With a total of 6 office spaces spread across the first 3 floors, the building can host multiple businesses or organizations, fostering a dynamic and diverse working environment.

Potential Usage: The layout and size of the office spaces cater to various types of businesses, including startups, small to medium-sized enterprises, or professional service providers looking for well-designed and functional workspace in the Baner area.

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Location: Ruturang Park is situated on Pancard Club Road in the Baner area of Pune, Maharashtra. It’s conveniently located behind Costa Blanca CHS.

Accessibility: The venue enjoys easy accessibility from major roads and transportation hubs in Pune, making it convenient for attendees to reach.

Surroundings: Positioned behind Costa Blanca CHS, Ruturang Park benefits from a tranquil and potentially upscale neighborhood, offering a pleasant environment for various events or activities.

Amenities: While specific amenities may vary, venues in Ruturang Park typically offer facilities such as parking spaces, restrooms, and possibly additional amenities depending on the nature of the venue (e.g., sports facilities, event halls).

Postal Code: The venue falls under the postal code 411045, aiding in precise location identification and navigation for attendees or visitors.

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