Virtual Office For GST registration at Nandi Durga Road, Bengaluru

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Virtual Address: Provides a prestigious business address, typically in a prime location, without the need for physical office space.
Mail Handling: Offers mail and package handling services, including mail forwarding or scanning, to manage correspondence remotely.
Phone Services: Includes virtual receptionist or call answering services, with options for call forwarding and voicemail management.
Meeting Rooms: Access to meeting rooms or conference facilities on an as-needed basis for in-person meetings or presentations.
Virtual Assistance: Additional services such as administrative support, scheduling assistance, and virtual office management to support remote operations.

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Location: Positioned on 53 Nandi Durga Road in Bengaluru, Karnataka 560046, our venue enjoys a prime location in a serene and well-connected area, offering easy accessibility and a tranquil setting.

Facilities: Our venue on Nandi Durga Road boasts modern and versatile facilities, including well-appointed event spaces, meeting rooms, and amenities suited for various gatherings, such as workshops, seminars, training sessions, and intimate social events.

Ambiance: Experience a charming and inviting ambiance, perfect for hosting a range of events, from corporate meetings and educational seminars to private celebrations and community gatherings, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and engagement.

Surroundings: Situated amidst the picturesque surroundings of Nandi Durga Road, guests can explore nearby attractions, green spaces, cultural venues, and dining options, offering opportunities for leisure and relaxation before or after events.

Convenience: With its central location and proximity to major landmarks and transportation hubs, our venue in Bengaluru provides convenience for attendees, making it an ideal choice for locals and visitors seeking a well-connected and accessible event venue.

Nandi Durga Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka
Karnataka 560046
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