Virtual Office For GST Registration at South Dumdum, West Bengal

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Business Address: A virtual office provides you with a professional business address that you can use for your GST registration. This address will be used for correspondence and communication with the tax authorities.
Mail Handling: The virtual office service typically includes mail handling and forwarding. Any official correspondence, including GST registration documents and notifications from tax authorities, will be received at your virtual office address and forwarded to you promptly.
Phone and Fax Services: Some virtual office providers offer phone and fax services, allowing you to have a dedicated business phone number and fax line. This can be useful for communication with tax authorities or clients during the GST registration process.
Meeting Rooms: If required, virtual office services often include access to meeting rooms or conference facilities on an as-needed basis. This can be helpful if you need to meet with tax consultants or attend meetings related to your GST registration.
Professional Image: Utilizing a virtual office can help project a professional image for your business, which can be advantageous during the GST registration process. Having a prestigious business address and access to professional amenities can instill confidence in tax authorities and clients alike.
Compliance: Virtual office providers ensure compliance with local regulations regarding business addresses and registration requirements. They typically offer documentation and support to ensure that your virtual office address meets the necessary criteria for GST registration.

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The venue is located on the 7th floor of the Yamuna Building, situated at 86, Golaghata Road, in the Dakshindari area of Kolkata, South Dumdum, West Bengal, with a postal code of 700048.

The venue is situated in the bustling Dakshindari neighborhood of South Dumdum, a prominent area in Kolkata, West Bengal. The Yamuna Building stands as a recognizable landmark on Golaghata Road, offering convenient access and visibility.

As you enter the building and ascend to the 7th floor, you’ll find yourself in a modern and well-appointed space, ideal for various events or gatherings. The venue boasts ample natural light and a spacious layout, providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for attendees.

With its strategic location in South Dumdum, the venue is easily accessible by both public and private transportation. Nearby amenities such as restaurants, cafes, and shops ensure convenience for visitors. Whether it’s a corporate meeting, workshop, or social event, the venue at the Yamuna Building offers a versatile and accommodating space for your needs.

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