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Virtual Address: Provides a prestigious business address, typically in a prime location, without the need for physical office space.
Mail Handling: Offers mail and package handling services, including mail forwarding or scanning, to manage correspondence remotely.
Phone Services: Includes virtual receptionist or call answering services, with options for call forwarding and voicemail management.
Meeting Rooms: Access to meeting rooms or conference facilities on an as-needed basis for in-person meetings or presentations.
Virtual Assistance: Additional services such as administrative support, scheduling assistance, and virtual office management to support remote operations.

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Location: Nestled within the KIADB Export Promotion Industrial Area in Whitefield, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560066, our venue enjoys a strategic location in a prime industrial zone, offering easy access and visibility.

Facilities: Our venue in Whitefield features modern and well-equipped facilities, including spacious industrial halls, meeting rooms, and amenities tailored to cater to diverse business needs, such as product launches, trade shows, workshops, and corporate events.

Ambiance: Experience a professional yet dynamic ambiance, perfect for hosting a wide range of events, from business conferences and industry expos to networking sessions and training seminars, fostering productive interactions and collaborations.

Surroundings: Situated amidst the bustling surroundings of Whitefield, guests can explore nearby commercial establishments, technology parks, dining options, and accommodation choices, providing convenience and comfort for event attendees.

Convenience: With its strategic location and proximity to major transportation hubs, our venue in KIADB Export Promotion Industrial Area offers convenience for both local and international guests, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking a well-connected and accessible event space.

KIADB Export Promotion Industrial Area
Whitefield, Bengaluru
Karnataka 560066
Industrial Venue
Trade Shows

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