FAQs for Space Provider

OfficingNow is a unique, simple and convenient platform that connects providers of professional workspaces like offices, work-desks, conference rooms, seminar rooms, training rooms, discussion areas with mobile professionals looking for such spaces on short term basis. Such mobile professionals could be travelling workers of other well-known corporate groups, start-ups, professionals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, NGOs etc. Through its powerful search engine and expertise, OfficingNow matches the requirements of working professionals to the most suitable spaces and connects the two by facilitating the transaction.

  • Pioneer: OfficingNow is the pioneer and only site of its kind in India that provides comprehensive services to both professionals seeking workspaces and the providers of the workspace.
  • Reduce your Real Estate costs: Research shows that of the total office space occupied, approximately 30-40% of this lies unutilised or partially utilised on account of changes in workforce composition and working habits. This means that your real estate related costs are higher than what they ought to be.
  • Create Awareness about your spaces: At the same time, there are a large number of professionals seeking furnished plug n play spaces out in the market, both for short term and medium term periods. By listing yourself on OfficingNow, you ensure that your space is made known to them and this helps you monetise your surplus inventory thus better managing your real estate related costs.
  • Complements your marketing efforts: OfficingNow has an extensive SEO/affiliate network that automatically broadcasts all space listings that complements your marketing efforts. OfficingNow carries out extensive marketing campaigns, including digital marketing campaigns, to search potential clients for you based on multiple criteria of your choice.
  • Control over what you want to share: Traditionally, if at all, you reach out to off line brokers to help you market your inventory. This approach has some limitations. However by listing on OfficingNow, you not only make yourself searchable to potential guests all over the world; you can also update critical information (uniqueness, location, availability, pricing etc.) about your venue on a real time basis.
  • Latest Analytics: OfficingNow relies on latest data analytic tools to search the best clients for you and also suggest to you appropriate pricing and workspace designs that help you maximise value for your space.
  • Risk Mitigation / Operational Support: OfficingNow can manage the reservations, payments and other critical processes for you thus reducing default risk while saving time for you so that you can focus on managing the physical presence of guests and thus increasing revenues and repeat business.

Unoccupied Real Estate space – even for a few hours is lost Revenue Opportunity. With demand for flexible workspaces increasing, it is now possible to generate revenue from short term use customers while you wait for your long term occupants. OfficingNow provides you just the right platform to showcase your inventory to the large network of professionals who would love to work from your office while they are in town on business, working on a project, or because they are looking for a space solution for their start up team. This reach to the new audiences comes to you at no incremental cost. And when you get a suitable client you generate incremental revenue for yourself.

For successful listing your venue needs to have certain minimum level of amenities and services. These are essentially what any professional would expect as bare minimum from any workplace. These would be: having secure premises with well-defined access & security protocols, high level of housekeeping, effective air conditioning, lighting, power supply, comfortable furniture in good shape, availability of drinking water, hygienic and neat wash-rooms for ladies & gents, requisite legal and regulatory clearances pertaining to your rights on the venue and so on. The exact list will be made available to you during the listing process.

Yes, Absolutely. We in fact encourage you to highlight the uniqueness of your venues. The listing page is designed to enable you to do so. Clients like to have as much information on your venue to be able to take a quick decision. In fact, having value added amenities dramatically improves conversion rates and your pricing power.

It is free to list .You pay us only when you get a confirmed deal. What can be better than that?

Guests can search by location, type of inventory, number of occupants, type of amenities required and usage type (by the day, by the hour or longer). The search results are listed in a map-view and a list-view format. Additionally we provide opportunities to promote your inventory in a paid and free format.

Yes, OfficingNow allows you to list different types of inventories and select how you want to make it available to your clients – on hourly basis, on daily basis or monthly basis or even longer terms. This flexibility enables you to add as many spaces as like with complete flexibility.

This would be determined by the relevant clauses in the contract between you and the Venue Host. In the event, this is not clearly mentioned in the contract, OfficingNow advises you to seek this clarity prior to confirming your booking.

Yes, absolutely. The flexibility OfficingNow provides you is tremendous. You can define your availability dates and even change these dynamically. You can contact our Online Work Consultant for how to do so.

  • We are concerned about who uses your venue. OfficingNow allows only booking by those space seekers who are registered with the website. Additionally OfficingNow collects details about the client profile (Company name, identification, usage details etc) and pass on the same to you for verification and confirmation. Only after we receive your confirmation, do we confirm the booking to the client.
  • Yes, if you are not satisfied with the client profile, you can reject the booking. However, your decision must come in within a reasonable time interval.

Yes, you can.  The inventory listing page allows you to give your priority on categories of clients you would like to have or not have.  We will filter out such profiles and not forward to you. In any case, the final decision to accept or reject a profile will always rest with you.

Once your inventory gets booked and you have confirmed the same, cancellation is not possible to accommodate another booking. Such instances are viewed by clients as breach of contract and can adversely impact ratings that could impact future bookings.

  • You are absolutely free to price your inventory the way you feel it gives you best value. However, based upon our expertise and data analytic tools, we can advise you on the same. The final decision on the pricing and commercial terms shall rest with you.
  • Yes, you can change the price of your inventory, but this will have to be done by providing adequate notice and impacting already closed deals.

Yes, the process requires the contract to be between the client and the host. This contract is required to be uploaded on your profile page so that client is aware of your Terms & Conditions while selecting your venue. OfficingNow provides the services and is the platform for facilitating these deals. OfficingNow terms of engagement with you are independent of your contract with the client. The booking is considered as confirmed only when the contract is accepted by both the parties and post that becomes binding on both.