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Business Centers

List your workspaces with us real time. Get benefited from our focused digital marketing reach.

Co-working Spaces

We understand power of flexibility. List with us, exhibit your uniqueness and monetize your space.

Educational Institutions

Convert your idle training halls/seminar rooms into professional training venues and reach out to larger training segment audience through us.

Corporate Offices

Let’s convert unutilized work stations, meeting rooms or office spaces into revenue streams.List with us and recover a part of your fixed rentals.


Monetize your banquets, conference halls and lobby by listing them with us on a dynamic listing basis.

Coffee Shops/Restaurants

Looking for more occupancy in off peak hours? Encourage footfall of working professionals looking for short duration dock-in space or informal meetings.

Office Owners and Individuals

Choice is yours for Long Term or Short Term office space renting, either way reap benefits of flexible on demand officing.


Listing your workspace is super-fast & super-easy with us. Get started with just a few details…!


Create your free profile and enduring association

Identify Inventory to be Shared

Identify the inventory type from the list - Hot Desks, offices, training rooms, conference room, discussion spaces and more

Provide Details

Provide specific details of the venue including location highlights, amenities, High quality images, video, etc.

Highlight your Strengths & USPs

Share your uniqueness. Let the word know the best things about your space.

Get Listed

Empower yourself with an outstanding workspace profile.

Welcome Guests & Increase Revenue

Welcome prospective guests/ clients, increase occupancy faster and maximize your profit.

Benefits of Listing

Start Your Officing Experience Right Here Right Now

Generate Additional Revenue

Earn additional revenue from your partly utilized board room, vacant work stations or unused manager cabins at your price & usage terms.


We get identity of our clients before offering your space to them & also ensure you are always in the loop for verification. We manage payments upfront to minimize any payment default risk.

Free Advertising

Slash your marketing costs through our focused and robust Digital Marketing Campaigns- absolutely free.

Operational Support

Our highly professional workspace consultants would manage the entire booking cycle like reservations,collections and pre-move in guest interactions, while you focus only on providing a great venue experience.

Profiled Clients

Client profiling is done with due diligence and caution to ensure we are in sync with your preferred client profiles.

Benefit From Analytics

Stay updated with our cutting Edge market analytics on latest market trends, Design & Pricing. Position your inventory smartly amongst all, maximize your revenue potential.


Hazeka Ginwala
Shahrukh from Officingnow was most helpful and extremely patient with all our queries. We are happy to be listed on Officingnow.

Hazeka Ginwala

Radha Thakur
"The transaction with the staff and client is exemplary."

Radha Thakur

Arif Shaikh
‘’Thank you, I appreciate your service its good and you reply quickly to all my queries your client and the students are kind and punctual.”

Arif Shaikh

Hemant Aggarwal
"The process you guys have created is superb , Everything is great, from setting up the inventory, to managing orders."

Hemant Aggarwal


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