With the end of the pandemic, every company has set out to re-evaluate its priorities and build a better workspace. A commitment to training spaces and building public-private partnerships is required to satisfy the workers and firms. Enterprises have been working towards transforming the teaching and learning process during this virtual transition. Dedicated training rooms can house a large group of people, but the circumstances between the pre and post-covid eras have changed considerably.

The Advent of Online Training in The Pandemic Period

Before COVID-19 had started, the workspace used to function differently. Training sessions were held offline and mostly in classrooms. During the Pandemic Period, offices preferred to have limited people, and the working mode switched to Work-From-Home. Most professional training venues closed down during the pandemic due to heavy financial losses. Workstations utilised the power of the digital world and connected using video conferences. With remote working becoming the new normal in the post-pandemic world, virtual training took a sharp turn. Therefore, enterprises have been adapting new tools and practices to create a collaborative employee training environment. This requires adjusting to the standards of learning virtually. training spaces

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Online Training

It is important to implement a training program to increase human capital, create a competitive spirit and ensure employee satisfaction. Let's look at some advantages and disadvantages of a remote training process.

Pros of Online Training

  • With online training, employees have easy accessibility, which helps them comprehend the subject matter better.
  • Employees with different levels of knowledge cannot obtain the degree of expertise they had hoped for. This is why it is important to meet their individual needs at all levels through online training.
  • Online training allows employees to break longer sessions into shorter ones, improving efficiency.

Cons of Online Training

  • There is limited face-to-face interaction in online training for employees. These interactions are essential for some people to bring their ideas to life.
  • A poor understanding of the digital modes of teaching can lead to poor results.
  • Internet connection remains a challenge in certain parts of the world. This leads to several technical problems.
  • Online training fails to teach practical learning skills which can only be provided with physical activity.

Importance of Training Spaces for Enterprises

Employee training benefits both the employers and the employees of the enterprise. If trained well, an employee will contribute to the team's growth. In addition, a well-trained employee will require less supervision. Physical training in training rooms will lead to multiple advantages, and the need for it is growing. Unlike remote activities, physical training in training rooms helps strengthen the relationships between team members. Conversely, online training can be very isolating and offers limited space for open discussions. Training falls under two categories: IT training and Non-IT Training. IT training focuses on skills specific to the field of Information Technology (IT). In contrast, non-it training includes skills like communication, time management and more.training spaces 

Post-Pandemic Training Spaces in Sync With the Hybrid Working Model

When it comes to employees, flexibility is a very attractive feature to consider. Training rooms have leveraged a lot from the pandemic work situation and are now in sync with the hybrid style working model. Employees can now work from home, attend meetings in the office when required and go for training in dedicated rooms. The hybrid mode and the physical training sessions have created the ideal situation for employees to sharpen their skills. This has improved the learning experience, and at the same time, there was focus and engagement in the training rooms. 

After the lockdown was lifted, business activity resumed, which led to the demand for training rooms. There was an increase in the need for classroom training, and quality venues were very few. OfficingNow, through years of experience, understands the changed requirements of companies. OfficingNow has the expertise to help both old and new venues adjust to the post-pandemic world. With a team of experts, OfficingNow can make the venues suitable for new business opportunities emerging from increased demand. 

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